Kindergarten is the child’s first move towards formal schooling and their first step into the social world. Prukidz aims at improving their cognitive & social skills and providing them with a self-secured and nurturing environment. We have selected the most apt books from a wide range of publications, to offer continuous and gradual learning and to develop their creativity and inquisitiveness while adhering to a holistic development of the child. We believe that each child is different and posses a unique talent, it is our job to identify those talents and instill passion for learning and creativity. Hence importance is given to unstructured play time, which focuses on development of motor skills (fine and gross). Children are taught to work harmoniously in groups, and to develop cooperativeness, kindness and social awareness. Our program further aims at teaching the basic conversational and life skills, appropriate behavior in public places, ability and confidence to take up small challenges, among various other things .Co-curricular activities like dance, music, art, physical fitness and storytelling are a part of their daily routine, which helps recognizing and developing their talents at a very young age.

Social Outreach

We believe that each child must experience joy in giving from an early age, this helps them become a moral and responsible citizen of the world. Pru-Kidz nurtures this characteristic from an early age. The giving is thought in a wide range where children are thought to give back to the community, nature, spread happiness. During their pre-primary years we undertake certain project as listed below

Annual trips to the under privilege center, where children learn to give away some of their toys to the less privileged children. They further spend a day with these kids by playing games, dance and music.

Taking care of Mother Nature, where each child is encouraged to color their own flower pot and plant a fruit or vegetable plant of their choice in the garden outside their class room. They are then thought to nurture the plant by feeding organic fertilizers and watering them. At harvest, they enjoy the delicious treats.

Nurturing a healthy lifestyle, we believe in educating our little ones with small installments of awareness of healthy and unhealthy food and food habits. Teaching them about dental and personal hygiene is also a part of our programme. Regular inspection of weight, height and eye is conducted by our in-house medical department.