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Ranked amongst the best boarding schools in India and also ranked amongst the best IGCSE & A-Level schools in Maharashtra, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai by several ranking surveys makes Prudence International School an ideal place for your child. Due to the Democratic nature of the school, our boarding school for boys & girls in Navi Mumbai encourages all students to have freedom of speech, religion and thought. Our learning environment nudges them to explore, think, and exchange ideas.

Our institution, through various associated programmes, imbibes in them eco-friendliness, social awareness and community outreach, which helps in building a strong moral character. Increasingly, parents and educators are realizing that children need to be encouraged to think and critically analyze questions and problems for themselves with gentle but effective facilitation. We are amongst the best international IGCSE boarding school in Mumbai and offer well-etched curriculums with inter-relatedness between different subjects and themes.

This develops a deeper understanding of important concepts which have local and global significance. At Prudence, we focus on ‘healthy lifestyle’ and encourage students to be physically active and eat healthy. All students are encouraged to pursue a sport and spend most of their leisure time outdoors. Exposure to other languages, cultures and practices of the world, grooms students to become informed global citizens.

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Why Choose Prudence International School?
Best Boarding School in Mumbai

One Stop Solution

A 9:00 am - 4:20 pm school covers everything from homework classes, co- curricular’s , extra-tuitions and much more.


10 acres of lush green environment with extremely friendly and approachable management. We sincerely believe in the importance of eco-friendliness.

Customised Assessments

Customised assessments of each child is conducted in order to carve out their carrier paths from a early age. All students from grade 6 to 12 undergo...

Partnering with you

We believe a good school is an outcome of a good parent-teacher partnership. In order to maintain transparency.


We offer a varied list of sports and non-sport activities, which are guided and marked by trained coaches.

Travel safe

Excellent conditioned, RTO approved buses covering a radius of approx 40 kms, offered for all day students.

Healthy eating

5 nutritious meals, prepared under extremely hygienic and monitored conditions are offered daily to all residential and day students.

Kids play land

Apart from acres of secured lush green open space, each pre-primary classroom has a separate play land, which provides for very colourful & vibrant.

Special Education

Children with special needs are offered education under an inclusive set up,the curriculum for which has been designed and implemented by our trained team of special educators.

Our Affiliations

Hiranandani - Priority admission for Hiranandani residents

Oxford Summer courses - Only campus in Maharashtra for Oxford summer school

CAIE - Department of University of Cambridge

MISA - Member International Schools Association

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Prudence International School is the best boarding school in Mumbai which provides all facilities to keep your child comfortable.

The ideal age to send children to boarding school would be around nine years, say experts, when a child is mentally developed enough to look out for himself. However, with todays growing demand, Prudence International School is the only boarding school in India which provides boarding facility for children from the age of 3.

Big changes take time! Moving away from home and starting at a new school is a big change. The best way to make new friends is to get involved with School activities; this way, students are meeting people with whom they have things in common. Being able to express how you’re feeling may help release some of the tension students often carry around with them. Prudence also has a very well trained and experienced psychological counselor on board, to help students reach out to additionally.

Self Reliance, Cultural Diversity, Fewer Distractions, Personality development, etc, are some of the biggest advantages of a boarding school. Boarding school students quickly learn how to complete school assignments by themselves and learn traits of social empathy. They also become bilingual through language immersion.

There are a lot of options of food available at boarding schools. From sandwiches, parathas, Eggs, and milk for breakfast to different cuisines for snacks to Dal, Roti, Desserts, etc. for dinner. Prudence offers 5 nutrition certified meals through the day, menus for which are changed every 2 months, on students vote.

One of the best boarding schools for girls in Mumbai is Prudence International School, Which has 10 acres of the lush green environment with extremely friendly and approachable management.

Many ex-boarders have noted that the boarding school experiences have encouraged the development of self-reliance, independence, and the ability to just deal with [non-emotional] situations. The need to be self-sufficient and flexible has encouraged boarders to be adaptable with regard to food, travel and sometimes even surviving uncomfortable living conditions

You can visit the boarding school before admitting your child in it. Campus visits are an invaluable help in choosing a boarding school. After all, whether you are a student thinking of attending a boarding school or a parent, getting a feel for the campus environment is a critical step in the decision-making process. Admission offices listed on the school website can help set up a visit for you and your family.


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