Parents. Our most treasured asset.
We are extremely proud of our parent community here at Prudence International. The fact that we continue to be regarded as one the best international school in Mumbai is a testimony to that. Yes, we are very proud of our highly qualified and gifted teachers, but the exceptional achievements of our children are the result of the on-going collaboration between our teaching staff and our parents. It is this shared effort and commitment that gets our children into the world’s most prestigious Higher Education institutions. Read more
Two heads are better than one
A brand new office of any leading company models what the best school should look like. People are no longer boxed into little rooms that stop collaboration. Employers look for team-workers who build on each other's strengths. They know that we achieve more when we put our minds, skills and gifts together. Read more

Creating Students for Futuristic world
At Prudence International School, we don't promise to get children ready for "a job". It would be presumptuous to claim that we know exactly what sort of jobs will be there in 2030. We don't even know how people are going to define "work" in 10-20 years time. We do know that we will witness unprecedented job loss in all areas of employment. We know that it will be people in white-collar jobs who will be affected most. Hence, our prime duty and most urgent task is to equip our children with the skills that will enable them to survive and flourish in any job market whichever shape or form it may take in the future. Read more

Importance of career counseling for Alevel's
Gone are the days when girls were taught Home Economics and boys - Woodwork. It was assumed that girls were better suited for care jobs, at home and in paid employment. Boys were meant to do the 'tough' jobs - both physically and intellectually - as future heads of the household and breadwinners. Being one of the top schools in Navi Mumbai Read more

Learning Differently
Top international schools in Mumbai often rely on ambitious parents to push their children to success. They take in pupils who are well-prepared for school and don't require much support. This is an easy way to get to the top of the league tables. However, when comparing top schools in Navi Mumbai, we recommend that parents pay attention to the special needs provisions available on campus. Read more

IGCSE Deciding on what's best for your child.
If you look at Top 10 boarding schools in Mumbai while trying to decide which one is best for your child, you may find it a bit overwhelming. These educational institutions offer a wide range of qualifications. Every single one of those schools claims that their qualification is the golden ticket into the future for your child. How do you make a choice? Read more