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for the best school near Navi Mumbai and come to visit us, we never discourage them from looking at other international schools in the area. There are many strong academic institutions out there. Each - with its own strengths. However, when it comes to choosing the right educational provider for your child, it's a bit like business. Can the chosen provider "deliver the goods"? - is the question you may want to ask.

You may see a beautiful campus with a massive ICT suit, lots of welcoming staff and over a hundred after-school clubs. Yet, when it comes to university entrance exams and expectations, it turns out that the school has somehow failed to secure the best outcome for your child. Why is that?

Gone are the days when you could put a child in a "private school", make them study 24/7 and then see them enter top international universities. There are just too many private schools these days. Sadly, many do not "deliver the goods". Why? Because simply knowing a lot is no longer enough. What are the key issues that admission officers often battle with?

  • Young people arrive unprepared for university education.
  • They are unable to think logically and analytically.
  • They have poor research skills and cannot deliver a strong presentations.
  • They cannot think independently.

The best international boarding school in Mumbai is the one to tackle all of the above. At Prudence International, we are confident that we follow the path that prepares our every graduate for a glowing academic career at top international universities. How do we achieve that? We use Cambridge programmes and qualifications to get our young people into the best educational institutions worldwide.

Why are admission officers so keen on Cambridge qualifications, like IGCSE?

They know is guarantees student success at university level. It is a well-rounded qualification that equips young people with in-depth knowledge of the chosen subject. Cambridge students are able to engage with complex issues and apply their critical and analytical skills to make reasoned, coherent arguments. They are effective communicators who speak and talk with clarity and confidence.

Cambridge IGSCE is the best known and most successful university preparation programme. It doesn't simply prepare young people for higher education. It puts them on the path to influential leadership positions in every field worldwide. If you would like to know more about the best IGCSE school near Navi Mumbai, please get it touch with us today.