The best international school in Mumbai must

At Prudence International School, we don't promise to get children ready for "a job". It would be presumptuous to claim that we know exactly what sort of jobs will be there in 2030. We don't even know how people are going to define "work" in 10-20 years time. We do know that we will witness unprecedented job loss in all areas of employment. We know that it will be people in white-collar jobs who will be affected most. Hence, our prime duty and most urgent task is to equip our children with the skills that will enable them to survive and flourish in any job market whichever shape or form it may take in the future.

We aim to make our children into lifelong learners who will continue to study throughout their whole life. Future employers will look for staff who can be re-trained on the job as the workforce will continue to be de-skilled in an ever-changing environment. Those who arrive with an excellent set of skills, but cannot learn and adapt, will be out of work when the job requirements suddenly change beyond recognition.

Our children will enjoy fantastic opportunities where job offers will be coming to them from every part of the world. This also means that they will be competing against young people from around the globe. When looking for a top residential school in Mumbai, parents must ask this one question. Does the school equip children with strong language skills, cultural awareness, resilience and technical proficiency to enable them to do well in a job market driven by globalisation, increasing mobility and technology? At Prudence Intonational, the answers to these questions shape our every decision about teaching and learning at our school.

Naturally, STEM-related subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) play a key role in our curriculum. We recognise that technology is the central nervous system of every company, community, nation and the world at large. We focus on developing good mathematical and computational skills so that our children grow to become the world's best software developers and computer system analysts.

We do not compromise on the quality of other subjects either. We know that some of our learners will end up in product design, in the commercial and industrial sectors, and/or work as architects and engineers. Creativity is key to success in these areas. Therefore, we nurture children's imagination, originality, individuality and inventineness, to create a new generation of world changers.

Prudence International is an eco-friendly school where children are aware of their responsibility towards the environment. This also serves to prepare them for careers in the expanding Green Economy.

Social and emotional intelligence is another area that is at the core of the "life curriculum" at Prudence International. We want to prepare children for glowing careers in sales, marketing and customer service, as these spheres will continue to require talented leaders with excellent people skills.

Ultimately, we see our young people in senior management positions in every industry. They will be leading large teams and organisations in a world where "uncertainty is the only certainty there is." It is our job to help them become strong individuals who do not only successfully adapt to transformations, but are "the change" that makes the world into a better place.

Most importantly, we believe that there is something that makes us different from other international boarding schools in Mumbai and beyond. At Prudence International, we do not educate children for some hypothetical jobs. We support each child on their very personal educational journey. We help them to discover their passion and be driven by it rather than feed them with our own - often mistaken - ideas about what will be best for them in the future.