Special Needs at Prudence International School

Top international schools in Mumbai often rely on ambitious parents to push their children to success. They take in pupils who are well-prepared for school and don't require much support. This is an easy way to get to the top of the league tables. However, when comparing top schools in Navi Mumbai, we recommend that parents pay attention to the special needs provisions available on campus.

This would be a natural concern for a parent of a child with special needs. But it is important to remember that every child will, unavoidably, struggle with some issues at some point in their academic career. Therefore, parents need to choose a school that has adequate systems of support already in place to ensure no child is ever left behind.

The reason why Prudence Intentional has been recognised by many as the best boarding school in Mumbai, is precisely because we welcome all children regardless of their level of need. We have invested in recruiting the best specialists to support children with a wide range of additional needs. We ensure that a fair share of the school budget goes towards our special needs provisions and the ongoing improvement of the school infrastructure. We always look for new ways to cater for the needs of every child so that no one is left at a disadvantage because the teaching is aimed at an "average" pupil.

Some of the available provisions include 24 hour medical care and a certified Clinical Psychologist on site who provides regular counselling sessions to young people who require one-on-one support. Shadow teachers may be allocated to classes where some learners would benefit from more personalised assistance.

We aim to help our families to enjoy happy, hassle-free parenting, which is why we offer excellent school transport facilities and regular healthy meals to ensure children are safe, comfortable and healthy. The school has beautiful grounds that are uniquely designed to create a peaceful atmosphere for all, especially our older AS and A level students who work incredibly hard and may, at times, feel under quIte a bit of pressure. We do our very best to ensure that anxiety is minimised and every student's mental health is monitored to address any issues that may arise. Being a residential school in Mumbai we also offer residential facilities to our teachers especially those who work with our IGCSE and A-Level students with the objective of providing informal coaching after hours.

Class intake is limited to 25 students per grade to ensure we can give individual attention to every learner. Parents get regular updates on their child's progress and achievement to ensure they are well-informed and fully engaged in their child's education. Where the child's performance is judged to be below their full potential, we will provide remedial classes to get them back on track. Weekend tuition is also available where more targeted and intense intervention is appropriate.

Our teaching philosophy is guided by the principle Mens sana in corpore sano, "a healthy mind in a healthy body". Hence, all our learners enjoy excellent Physical Ed opportunities, including yoga, kickboxing and competitive team sports.

We value and welcome suggestions from parents who are best qualified to tell us about the unique needs of their child. We would love to hear from you to explain in more detail what we can offer you here at Prudence International School.