Our mission is to prepare first

Gone are the days when girls were taught Home Economics and boys - Woodwork. It was assumed that girls were better suited for care jobs, at home and in paid employment. Boys were meant to do the 'tough' jobs - both physically and intellectually - as future heads of the household and breadwinners. Being one of the top schools in Navi Mumbai, Prudence International seeks to ensure that, when it comes to career choices, our graduates are not constrained by the limited prospects based on social stereotypes.

Our AS and A level students receive exceptional career advice. They have access to Psychometric Tests and Stream Selector Tests. They take part in career guidance workshops, university visits and counselling sessions. We collect and analyse data on student choice and course and country preference to help us understand the needs of our young people. We also keep placement records to share our success stories with the future and existing parents.

Some of the topics that have been chosen as the focus for our career-related events in the past have included themes such as "Preparing For College? Work On These Skills", "Professional Vs Academic: A Discussion On Course Options" and "Are You Well Prepared For The Industry?" Young people are made aware of the wide range of educational opportunities available to them all around the world after they graduate from Prudence International. We strongly believe that "the sky is the limit."

Naturally, some of our young people will choose - and would have been well prepared - to enter top universities like Cambridge or Yale. However, we try to offer each individual a much broader choice of the education institutions that are a "centre of excellence" in their area of interest, wherever in the world that might be, including India.

As one of the best IGCSE schools in Mumbai, Prudence International prepares young people for further study and career opportunities in any English-speaking country and beyond. However, we do not isolate ourselves as an "international school", nor do we keep ourselves completely independent from the geographical location and the culture in which the school exists. Some parents are concerned about the international schools that appear to be detached from the national framework and educational system. They want to find a good international school that is also a CBSE school in Navi Mumbai. Prudence International satisfies the needs and desires of such parents being a 100% local and 100% international school.

Finally, there is something else that contributes to the excellent career prospects of our graduates. Prudence International is considered to be the best boarding school in Mumbai. We believe that all our learners, including day pupils, benefit from being part of a residential school in which they develop friendships for life. As all of them are expected to do brilliantly in the future, we hope that they will help one another with their career development and progression as adults and confirm our reputation as one of the strongest schools in Navi Mumbai.