New Dreams for the New Year

Prudence International has always been regarded as one of the best international boarding school in Mumbai. We don't take this for granted. If we are to continue to enjoy this privileged status, we must continue to grow and develop. This is why we have so many exciting initiatives waiting to be introduced and developed in the new academic year. Some of these will include Model United Nation, Customized Teaching Plans and Global Perspective.

Model United Nations

At Prudence International, we have always celebrated our democratic ethos where children can do both - show respect for teachers and their authority, and use their own power to make independent decisions about their life and learning at the school. We always encourage children to question and scrutinise widely-accepted beliefs and discover the truth for themselves. We support them in their desire to challenge existing theories and ideas. We want to see them express their critical voices through writing and powerful presentations.

Model United Nations (MUN) will offer our young people a unique opportunity to role-play meetings like the Security Council and General Assembly. This will enable them to get a much better understanding of how this powerful organisation actually works. They will get a chance to debate serious real life issues that are being currently discussed in government and the non-state sector all around the world.

As a leading IGCSE school in Mumbai, all our teaching and learning support the development of problem-solving skills. MUN will take us to a new level where young people will have more opportunities for public speaking, teamwork and negotiation. It will equip our students with the skills and knowledge needed in today's complex world. They will become better informed about international affairs and global politics. What is unique about this approach is that it challenges young people to argue from a point of view other than their own which deepens their understanding of some of the most controversial issues and strengthens their empathy.

Customised Teaching Plans

Traditionally, only children with special needs would have benefitted from having the so-called Individual Educational or Personalised Teaching Plans in the UK and other English-speaking countries. We too are committed to providing tailor-made learning programmes for children with additional needs. This year, we would like to take this further to include more able learners. Our long-term goal is to be able to offer the same deal to every single student so that every child can be educated in a way that is best for them personally. We will strive to offer opportunities for more personalised learning to each and every one of our pupils. We believe that this is the only way for us to secure our position as the best school near Navi Mumbai.

Global Perspective

It is easy to assume that all international boarding schools in Mumbai are "global" in their outlook and teaching philosophy. However, this is not always the case. Being a global education provider requires ongoing commitment to promoting multiculturalism in every area of school lif. At Prudence International, we want our young people to be open to all the different cultures and ways of being as well as know and understand themselves and their unique cultural identity.

We nurture the sense of interdependence in our children who will be effected by a large number of social, economic and political forces in this age of increasing globalisation and inter-connectedness. We want to see them grow into confident individuals who are passionate about social justice, human rights, peace building, conflict resolution, and who contribute to the sustainable development of the world.

We believe that as the top residential school in Mumbai we have to model "thinking globally and living responsibly" to our community through the lives of our students that shine with compassion and a desire to make the world a better place. We expect every single one of our pupils to show concern for their community as well as demonstrate exceptional work ethic and academic and professional success.