Intergrated and Collaborative Learning-1

A brand new office of any leading company models what the best school should look like. People are no longer boxed into little rooms that stop collaboration. Employers look for team-workers who build on each other's strengths. They know that we achieve more when we put our minds, skills and gifts together. At Prudence International School, we too keep integrated and collaborative learning at the heart of everything we do.

Cooperation and collaboration come naturally to our young people. In a boarding school, there is nowhere to "hide". You may not like someone, but you just cannot afford to live in conflict with them. In a tightly-knit community like Prudence International School, young people are challenged to go out of their comfort zone. They learn to get along with everyone regardless of the individual differences.

Our children will have to live and work in "a global village". An outstanding international school in India must be just that. It must have a "global village" feel like Prudence International.

At Prudence International School, we believe that learning is a social adventure. We encourage interaction and hands-on learning. Our children work in pairs and small and larger groups. Young people are presented with real-world problems and look for solutions through peer-to-peer learning and debate. Through discussion, they develop higher-level thinking skills and grow into powerful leaders with strong communication skills. It boosts their self-esteem and strengthens a sense of individual and shared responsibility among them. Cooperation promotes tolerance and understanding which is a must in a melting pot of cultures like Maharashtra.

Rated as the best IGCSE school in Mumbai, we are committed to the learner-driven (and learner-centred) curriculum of Cambridge IGCSEs. We pride ourselves on the superior quality of teacher instruction at our school. However, we also believe that our young people learn best in collaboration with one another rather than in a strictly teacher-led environment. IGCSE is about enquiry-based learning and problem solving where young minds spark off one another.

An important financial centre as well as a film industry hub, Mumbai is an accurate representation of the modern world economy. Industries no longer function in isolation. The arts, science and business sectors co-exist side-by-side and are increasingly more inter-connected. Universities are moving away from offering stand-alone subjects and offer more multi-disciplinary degrees instead. Prudence International School mirrors these trends by promoting integrated learning in each and every lesson.

We aim to help young people identify and make links between different areas of learning. They are encouraged to build on prior knowledge from other disciplines and draw on the existing skills in order to adapt to new situations and move forward on their academic journey. Such integrated-learning approach creates a broad and balanced curriculum that also offers opportunities for more focused, in-depth studies. It prepares our young people for multi-tasking in an ever-changing work environment where their success will depend on flexibility and being able to adapt.

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