How to choose an international school

Love at first sight" is how many parents would explain their choice of school for their child. It just "felt right". Ultimately, we too would recommend that you use this approach. You could spend months with your detective hat on while shopping around for the right school. But your gut feeling about a place is a pretty good source of insight. If you'd like a bit of advice on the sorts of questions you may want to ask while hunting for best international school near Navi Mumbai, read on.

The school

Naturally, it's best if you get to visit the school. This will help you to "get a feel" for the kind of place it is. When doing a school tour, pay attention to the school library, IT resources, and indoor and outdoor learning spaces. Here at Prudence Intnational, we are extremely proud of both - our residential and academic facilities. Our children learn in smart classrooms. They have access to an audio-visual room, fully equipped science labs for Physics, Biology and Chemistry, an IT (computer) lab and a well stocked library. We also offer great sports and creative and performing arts spaces.

You may want to find out about the history of the school. While there is nothing wrong with sending your child to a brand new school with a fancy new curriculum programme (yet unknown to the world), experience matters. At Prudence International, we have been able to monitor the learning journey of several "generations" of our graduates. This knowledge has enabled us to continue to change and improve on the teaching at our school to offer a better quality of learning to each new cohort.

Safety is an important question you need to find out about when comparing schools. At Prudence International, we have 24-hour on-campus security along with CCTV surveillance

You may need to ask a few questions about transport and consider how your child will be getting to and from school. Excellent conditioned, RTO approved buses covering a radius of approximately 40 kms, are offered for all day students here at Prudence International. All buses are equipped with GPS monitoring systems and an authorised attendant for supervision.

Teaching and learning

Some of the questions you may want to consider and ask will be about the curriculum and teaching staff. Is learning child-centred or purely teacher-led? Is it accessible and challenging at the same time? Is it academically strong and fun? How is it being adapted children's strengths and weaknesses? Is it broad and balanced as well as offering enough opportunities to study various themes and topics in-depth? How are children being assessed? How do children perform here in general, and what are their prospects after graduation? What kind of extra-curricular activities (arts, sports, clubs/societies, community involvement) are on offer? Are staff well qualified to teach their subject/age group and to support high ability, special needs, ESL, and other learners?

At Prudence International, we are extremely "fussy" when recruiting teachers and other professionals for our school. We hunt after highly qualified and experienced education specialists who can cater for the needs of each and every child. We are a Cambridge school (offering Cambridge IGCSEs to older learners and following other age-appropriate programmes for younger pupils) so our teaching tools, strategies and methods mirror those of the highest standard internationally. They ensure that our young people are inspired, motivated and challenged by the subject content in each and every lesson and achieve their best for a glowing academic and professional career after Prudence.

You and your child

Some schools will attempt to sell themselves as the best international boarding school in Mumbai. But it would be a lie to say that every single school is a perfect fit for every single child. Your child is unique and you need to understand if the school in question is right for your child, not some "average child". If your child has special needs and/or requires other adjustments, will the school be able to meet and provide for those? How will your child be supported if they are struggling settling in or underachieving? How will you be kept informed about any such difficulties or, indeed, the child's successes?

At Prudence International, we welcome children with additional needs and will discuss those with every family individually. At Prudence International, we provide daily SMS, monthly reports and conduct PTM, in addition to a dedicated parent correspondence team. Any student scoring below 60% on monthly reports, automatically gets enrolled for extra tutoring. We love seeing parents attend our school events and offer opportunities to get involved with the school life in other ways.

Finally, when visiting a school, just look at the children there. Are they happy? At Prudence International, we have a strong sense of family/community where every child feels loved and cared for. This is one of our most important achievements. A happy child is a keen learner; they want to know more and work hard. That's why we aim to educate the whole child, not just the school pupil in them.

Please, phone to arrange an informal visit and learn more about Prudence International.