High quality cocurricular Options

These days, Ofsted and SMSC are the two acronyms that go hand-in-hand when it comes to state school inspections in the UK. As always, inspectors from the Office for Standards in Education, or Ofsted, want to see pupils make reasonable progress in English, Maths and Science. But merely showing good results in these subjects is no longer enough to impress the inspectors. SMSC is what they are interested in most.

SMSC stands for "spiritual, moral, social and cultural development", and - as far as the current philosophy of education is concerned - excellent literacy and numeracy skills mean nothing without good SMSC education. UK government recognises that a maths genius who is lacking in emotion intelligence and social and cultural awareness, is unlikely to become a healthy citizen and build a strong nation even if s/he ends up wining a Nobel Prize.

We believe that the best international boarding schools in Mumbai must follow the same philosophy. At Prudence International, we too are committed to placing SMSC at the heart of teaching and learning. We aim for subtle SMSC instruction all around the clock, but more so - through our wide range of quality co-curricular activities.


At Prudence International, we don't want to reinforce stereotypes about private schools where young people spend their days playing cricket and rugby. Not all children enjoy team games. Some students tend to see sporting activities as somewhat "aggressive" and rather foreign to their personality type. This is why, at Prudence International, we offer a wide range of options in sports, in and out of class, from conventional ball games to taekwando to skating to yoga. We aim to have a suitable option for each and every learner so all of them can work on their coordination, balance and agility in a way that is right for them. Physical Education is fundamental to enabling our young people develop their social/team skills as well as focus on personal goals. It offers unique opportunities to work on such qualities as perseverance, resilience and equanimity.


There is an ever increasing choice of international boarding schools in mumbai, however, parents must scrutinise "the offer" as some of those do not rate creative education very high. At Prudence Intrenational, we primarily use the arts to help our young people develop good problem-solving skills. A brand-new artwork is always the result of thinking "out of the box". Art is never about being part of the crowd. It is about challenging the taken-for-granted ideas and looking for new, unexpected ways to approach old problems. On the other hand, art helps one to appreciate the creativity and unique expression of others. You cannot really argue about art. Hence, looking at each other's work helps young people grow more accepting of others and their worldview.


At Prudence international, we aim to educate the whole child, not just their mind, or their body. Music, just like sports, helps young people work on their coordination skills that are extremely important to their overall - academic as well as physical - development. Music requires children to remain focused and develop such skills as patience and concentration. Music can be hard-work, but it is also one of the best relaxation techniques so it is recommended for both - training in self-discipline and as a way to relieve