Advantages of international schooling

You'll be able to find an excellent state/local school anywhere in the world. There are quite a few good schools near Navi Mumbai. If this is the case, then why are parents so keen to send their children to an international school instead? How are they different? Are they genuinely better than domestic schools, or is it just a myth? What is it that the child can get in an international school that they won't experience anywhere else?

English Language

Some people don't think that it is necessary to have English as the medium of instruction at school. True, children can be taught well in any language. Some schools just offer a generous amount of hours of English as a separate subject. But experience proves that this is not enough for a successful academic career
at an international university or the global job market. When entering an English-speaking university, it's not enough to just be fluent in the language in general. The young person needs (near)native language proficiency in the subject they are going to study. This is only possible is they have previously studied this subject in English.

At Prudence International all subjects are taught in English, and English is used for all other purpose in and outside the classroom. This is ideal for children who actually speak English as their first language at home, as well as those who use it as an additional language. We have excellent support systems for young people who need extra input to strengthen their receptive and expressive skills in English as well as their reading and writing skills at a basic or more advanced levels.

Diverse environment

At Prudence International, we won't be able to describe our 'typical' student or 'average' family. Our parent community is very diverse. It includes parents from all walks of life, career fields, geographical areas, and cultural, faith and ethnic backgrounds. This shapes the unique ethos and environment at our school. It is a welcoming place where all cultures, world views and and ways of being are respected, where children are encouraged to learn from one another.

We appreciate different cultures and celebrate diversity at Prudence International. We are a perfect place for learning about globalisation and cultural exchange first-hand. Our students are culturally conscious which is fundamental to navigating the high seas of inter-cultural communication in any and every professional field. At Prudence Internatinal, we don't take sides and don't see any socio-cultural system as being superior to the rest. We are guided by the humanist philosophy to help our young people develop deep respect for fellow human beings with their various belief systems.

"Portable" education

International schools offer "portable" education. Some of the top schools near Navi Mumbai are great for preparing your child for a comfortable life in the familiar environment. However, their teaching and learning lack that element of being transferable. As a Cambridge school, we are confident that our children will succeed regardless of where life takes them on their academic journey. Our children will adapt well if they were to leave Prudence International mid-year to follow their parents elsewhere abroad or when they come to join us from another international school.

We also know that they will do exceptionally well with any other transition. As an international school, we equip them with the survival skills necessary for a successful life in the global world rather than solely in their home town/country. We are able to provide children with the much-needed continuity in the learning process when they move academic institutions mid-school or after graduation.

"Soft skills"

International schooling offers "portable" education because of the "soft skills" that are being taught through everything we do. These are the skills that enable one to flourish in the academic and professional worlds. They include critical analysis and independent thinking which are developed through rich interactions in the diverse student community as well as through more formal instruction in class. Exciting social life with peers - so different from oneself - enables every child to develop strong communication skills.

As an international school, we reflect the magnificent diversity of the physical world our children inhabit. This is how we nurture the love of learning in our young people. Each one of them develops an inquiring mind. "Soft skills" are also part of self-management skills which is why children tend to be more proactive, creative and independent in international schools. Last but not least, "soft skills" are the hidden curriculum that determines one's success (or struggles) in higher education.

Personal development

Some parents may have certain reservations about "going global". Won't my child get lost in this diverse, international, multi-cultural environment? Will they be able to develop a strong sense of identity and discover where their own personal journey will take them? Research tells us that international schools are best for personal development too. Not all international boarding schools in Mumbai are the same, but the best ones should offer exceptional quality of teaching and learning. Academic achievement of every learner at Prudence International is undoubtedly superior to that of their peers at a different international or local school near Navi Mumbai.

This success is, in part, the result of the school offering a wide choice of unique enrichment opportunities through extra-curriculum activities. The international ethos of the school is reflected in the unique range of options for additional learning. We acknowledge, celebrate and nurture different interests and passions in our students. We have the resources to make learning exciting for them. As a result, the young "citizens of the world" at Prudence International become more confident and show admirable progress in every area of personal development.

If you a considering "going global" with your child's education, we would love to hear from you here at Prudence International.