Powered by dreams, Empowered by Prudence.

We pride ourselves in being a school that ensures that our students are constructively engaged and brimming with creativity and ideas. Apart from academic subjects, the school encourages students to explore and develop their potential in sports, creative and performing arts and partake in socially relevant causes through various clubs and field trips. Students are also actively involved in organizing events and taking responsibility for their delegated tasks which encourages leadership and a sense of working in a team.

The Darwin Club.

Living in harmony with nature, forms a very important part of learning at Prudence. Our students formed the environment club to contribute to the well being of Mother Earth, in their own little but very significant ways. The club has undertaken activities such as rain water harvesting, through which the school manages to harvest over 200,000 litres of rain water every year. The water fulfils the entire gardening requirement of the campus. What is more, the children are also involved in organic farming. The organic fruits and vegetables cultivated on campus are used to make the meals served to children and staff within the school.

The Genius Club.

Self-confidence is the single most important attribute that distinguishes excellence from mediocrity. All our students are prodigies in their own right and insist on knowledge and expression through frequent elocutions, debate, group discussions, spell bee, MUN Activity (Model United Nations)and quizzes which form a part of the Genius Club’s. activities.

The Einstein Club.

As the name suggests, this club is formed by our science enthusiasts who revel in and animatedly explore classical scientific theories and their modern day implementation through regular projects, field visits and on-campus activities such as star gazing.